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Radiant lip color and care helping lips to feel smooth, and supple with moisture.
Luxurious skincare tint balm that prevents roughness and restores a radiance to the lips. With each application, it replenish the lips with 24 hours moisturization with re-applying, improving the lips’ condition.

Exquisite Results
Draws out a subtle, natural color and glow from within- Coloring component
Evens the lip’s surface, making the lips appear full and resilient with reduced the look of drylines
Adds a colored tint while correcting dullness, bringing out inherent rosiness, which makes even the skin appear bright and beautiful.

Extend the lipstick approximately 2–3mm, and apply directly to the lips, or take a suitable amount to a lip brush to apply.

Before a post-meal reapplication, be sure to wipe the lips.
Be careful not to overextend or drop the product to avoid the breakage.
Close the cap tightly after use.
Avoid contact with clothes and other fabrics, as it may cause staining.
Place out of reach of infants or toddlers.
You may notice the formula turning red around where it has touched the lips or tiny red spots. This is due to ingredients that produce a subtle color and does not affect product quality.
Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

* Some of the ingredients listed may be inconsistent with the actual ingredients used due to product improvements or changes in indication method. Please read the product label for the actual ingredients.

"due to high demand for this product, your order will be sent in a maximum of two weeks"

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